Friday, January 23, 2015

Tour de Burgos 2015 on February 1

This year's Tour de Burgos MTB XC Race will be held on February 1. 

We have created an exciting new race course in a new location - in front of the Burgos Elementary School. This is a 1.5 kilometer race track, with the usual climbs and drops. 

Race categories and prizes are the same as last year. 

Come and join this year's race! 

This yearly race is part of the fiesta celebration of Bgy. Burgos.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Winners: Bakbakan sa Montalban

(Late post.)

Congratulations to the winners of the Bakbakan sa Montalban Cycling Challenges held at the San Jose Oval last July 20, 2014.

Also thanks to Bos Ely of Sunday Holiday Riders and Bos Alex Bilan of Excellent Cycling Team who sponsored this event.

Road Bike Class A (Open Youth Amateur)

  1. Mapa, Archie
  2. Bucay, Artus
  3. Ulanday, Vladimir
  4. Valenzuela, Irish
  5. Mendoza, Gerald 

Road Bike Class B (Open Mid Executive)

  1. Rivera, Alfredo 
  2. Guevarra, Reynaldo
  3. Abayon, Benito
  4. Llamas, Boboy
  5. Barrios, JC

Road Bike Class C (Open Sport 50 Years and Above)

  1. Medina, Arnel
  2. Lopez, Ace
  3. Valenzuela, Kiko
  4. Llamas, Buboy
  5. Dacuno, Junibeth 

Road Bike Class D (Oldies Goodies)

  1. De Guzman, Vergel
  2. Comendador, Rene
  3. Wilky, John
  4. Dela Paz, Erming
  5. Cabing, Felix

Road Fun Riders (Beginners and Weekenders)

Mountain Bike Class A (Open Youth)

  1. Benosa, Alvin
  2. Flores, EJ
  3. Tapis, Marvin
  4. Alconer, Marvin
  5. Ulanday, Vladimir

Mountain Bike Class B (Open Mid)

  1. Rivera, Alfredo
  2. San Jose, Gene Edward
  3. Alomar, Marven
  4. Pedrina, Ricky
  5. Santos, Lloyd

Mountain Bike - 15 Years Old and Below

  1. Angelez, Renz
  2. Hella, Zoren
  3. Rivera, Jericho
  4. De Asis, Jacob
  5. Patawaran, Kim

Open Women (All Ages)

  1. Mondragon, Brenda
  2. Flores, Jamica
  3. Belisario, Grace
  4. Limjoco, Gica
  5. Denson, Arielle Arlene

Friday, August 22, 2014

Winners: San Isidro Fiesta MTB XC Race

(Late post.)

Congratulations to the winners of the San Isidro Fiesta MTB XC Race held in Bgy. San Isidro, Rodriguez (Montalban), Rizal last 11 May 2014.

Beginners Category

  1. Jericho L. Rivera
  2. Jhonny Moreno
  3. Edward Hernandez
  4. Mark Brian Manalo
  5. Joseph Pagkatipunan
  6. Ron Zonio
  7. Roland Sequijor
  8. Eduardo Jocson
  9. Zoren Hella
  10. Antonio Elorde
Category 29 Years Old and Under 
  1. Gino Bumalay
  2. Jigo Mendoza
  3. Nicho Lumay
  4. EJ Flores
  5. Jeffrey Pancipane
  6. Kim Panton
  7. Edison Nunez
  8. Noel Panton
  9. Jake Aldrin Rivera
  10. Cris Omolon
Category 30-39 Years Old
  1. Roldan Antonio
  2. Jonathan Climaco
  3. Zeus Alfaro
  4. Timmy Santos
  5. Reynaldo Flores
  6. Michael delos Reyes
  7. Alfredo Rivera
  8. (none)
  9. (none)
  10. (none)
Category 40 Years Old and Over
  1. Arnold Pinano
  2. Isidro Ayubo
  3. Antonio Domingo
  4. Joy Iballa
  5. Joselito Sison
  6. Rene Hella
  7. Alvin de Luna
  8. Bon Cecilio
  9. Servano Ramos Jr.
  10. (none) 
MCC thanks San Isidro Bgy. Capt. Tom Hernandez and the barangay council for sponsoring this event. 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

San Isidro Fiesta MTB XC Race on May 11

Updated 6 May. Race map added.

Come join us celebrate this year's fiesta of San Isidro, Rodriguez (Montalban), Rizal with an MTB XC race! 

San Isidro Fiesta MTB XC Race
May 11, 2014, 7 AM

Categories (4):
1. Beginners
2. 29 years old and under
3. 20-39 years old
4. 40 years old and over

1st Place: P2,000, trophy
2nd Place: P1,500, trophy
3rd Place: P1,000, trophy
4th Place: P500, medal
5th Place: P250, medal
6th-10 Place: medals
Age categories:
1st Place: P3,000, trophy
2nd Place: P2,500, trophy
3rd Place: P1,000, trophy
4th Place: P500, medal
5th Place: P250, medal
6th-10 Place: medals

Reg. fee: P200 (with food)
Register onsite
Regitration starts 6AM
near San Isidro Barangay Hall

Race track: 
Combination road climb, downhill, trail and river crossings.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Akayan Trail ride is one for MCC's book

Almost fifty cyclists joined the MCC-organized Akayan Trail ride last March 9. The route is a 40-km loop going up two mountain peaks - on Sitio Macaingalan and at Mt. Balagbag (AKA Helipad or Veterans) - on feeder roads and single tracks.

View from first tabletop.
Cyclists started gathering at the Montalban town hall just after 6 AM. After a short briefing and a prayer, the group started moving out just after 7 AM. We were informed that another group of riders were late, and so some of us waited for them. And so, we were divided into two groups. The first group contains more than 30 cyclists, the second one more than ten, though another six cyclists later joined on.

There is now a welcome arch for Sitio Macaingalan, just above the Stations of the Cross, near the flattened hilltop. This hilltop offered us a great vista of the mountains as well as the plains of Montalban. And of course, for photo ops.

View from second tabletop. 
The road leading to  Macaingalan had been graded, removing the deep rainwater canals along the way - canals which had given us hard time before. However, in its stead, gravel and rocks have become exposed, making it still hard to maneuver. The road also contains powdery soil, and in some places, deep enough to stop a tire. Many pushed their bikes going up, and walked going down, in parts of the way due to this road condition.

We took refreshments, lunch, and stocked on food and drinks at Macaingalan proper, making the halu-halo vendor very happy with her massive sales. And oh, after initial surprise at its presence here, some also took a bottle of San Miguel Beer.

Another new here is that Barangay officials are now taking down the names of cyclists who enter the Akayan Trail, just like in Mt. Balagbag. This, they say, is a safety measure so that they would know if someone gets lost.

Going further up Macaingalan, we stopped at the peak and, in another flattened top (view deck, tabletop), we again enjoyed the view around us, appreciated how far we have traveled, and looked at how far we still have to go to reach the next peak (Mt. Balagbag). And of course, took photos.

In a fork, we entered the Akayan Trail. The single track from here to Mt. Balagbag has become wider and clearer since last year. It has also become easier to bike along the track, except for the steep part on Pulang Lupa, mid-way.

The spring mid-way has been harnessed by a nearby family, but one can easily ask for water. The next spring, near the top of Mt. Balagbag, is already weak at this time of the year.

The second group got to appreciate a near sunset at Mt. Balagbag, the second and final peak, before going back to Montalban plains.

Night caught up on the second group from Veterans village. Good thing the group was prepared for a possible night ride, as was thus equipped. After taking rest and refreshments at Licao-licao, the group road in the dark for more than an hour going back to the Montalban town hall.

Except for some reported bruises, no one was hurt bad in this ride. Many considered the ride very hard, but nevertheless appreciated this distinctive experience.

Montalban Cycling Club thanks all who joined this ride. We hope to meet you again on the trails.

See some of the geo-tagged photos in Google map:

Videos (thanks to BikerJ):