Tuesday, February 2, 2016

MCC thanks cyclists for 2016 MTB XC race participation

Montalban Cycling Club expresses its deepest thanks to the warm support shown by fellow cyclists on the just-concluded Burgos Fiesta 2016 MTB XC Race last 31 January 2016.

The 11th in our yearly races for the feast of Bgy. Burgos, this year's race has two unique characters. First, we offer this race to our late Pres. Narciso "Peping" Dalida who passed away early this year. All proceeds of this race went to his family.

Second, this race is the first joint effort between Montalban Cycling Club and the newly-established Burgos Bikers Club.

We congratulate the winners for the five race categories:

1st: Norberto Laniza
2nd: Eduardo Hernandez
3rd: Patrick Borjal
4th: Zoren Hella
5th: Dexter Pascua
6th: Ron Sison
7th: Jomar Tee
8th: Macmac Sison
9th: Jenson Aycocho
10: Renz Angeles

Juniors (19 years old and below):
1st: Jericho Rivera
2nd: Jake Rivera
3rd: Eduardo dela Cruz
4th: Michael Iballa
5th: Adrene Recile
6th: Glendez Cuento
7th: Mark Alvaro Delos Santos
8th: Jonie Juanchon
9th: Arny Martinez
10th: Albert Bacolod

Seniors (20-29 years old):
1st: Charlie Tegalena
2nd: Franz Alejandro
3rd: Froilan Veranga
4th: Jeffrey Pancipane
5th: Cris Omolon
6th: Aldrin Abago Pajo
7th: Cristian Amparado
8th: Jerry Guinsisana
9th: Aleen Cuerda
10th: Rey Bonagya

Masters (30-39 years old):
1st: Roldan Antonio
2nd: Jonathan Climago
3rd: Roldan Sison
4th: Reynaldo Flores
5th: Romeo Beronio
6th: Jerry
7th: Franco Bermeso
8th: Jose Leonor Jr.

Grandmasters (40 years old and above):
1st: Eusebio Quinones
2nd: Ronnie Manaay
3rd: Alfredo Rivera
4th: Jimmy Sales
5th: Emilio Bonifacio
6th: Benito Abayon
7th: Angelito Glinogo
8th: Alvin Santos de Luna
9th: Rene Hella
10th: Walem Corro

We also thank all cyclist who joined and watched the race. We hope that you enjoyed the race and the race track; measured yourself against others to further improve yourself; and learned or developed skills based on our race track.

We also thank all cycling clubs and team who joined this race:

  • Team Akay
  • Nangka Cycling Club
  • Monterey Bikers
  • Batasan Cycling Club
  • Ground Zero
  • Pro-Ex
  • BCPC
  • Pasig City Friendly Bikers
  • Marist Cycling Club
  • Padyak Pa More
  • Camarin Bikers Club
  • Pedal Riders Pilipinas
  • Two Wheels on the Road
  • Team Prima Isuzu DMax
  • Stambay Team
  • SPDe8ign Builders Cycling Team
  • Chain of Friendly Bikers
  • Walwal Bicycle Club
  • John Wilkie
  • Jnob Bike Shop
We also thank the following sponsors who provided prizes and raffle items for the participants. This event would not have been possible without your support:
  • Blessed Home of Child Mother Maternity Clinic (San Jose, Rodriguez, Rizal)Rimport Industries, Inc. (Paranaque City, MM)
  • ICS Hardware & Construction Supply (Burgos, Rodriguez, Rizal)
  • Super Kent Bike Shop (Burgos, Rodriguez, Rizal)
  • Romeo and Jayda Trucking (Rodriguez, Rizal)
  • Erilyn Enterprises (Concepcion, Marikina)
  • Samson College of Science and Technology (Manila, MM)
  • Bikers Cafe (C6, San Mateo, Rizal)
  • Cholie Bike Shop (Manggahan, Rodriguez, Rizal)
  • Dindo/Kevin Bike Shop (Ampid, San Mateo, Rizal)
  • Efraim Bicycle Supply & Repair Shop (Maly, San Mateo, Rizal)
  • Lovelex Bicycle Store (Manggahan, Rodriguez, Rizal)
  • Rene Bike Shop (Geronimo, Montalban, Rizal)
  • R.G. Cruz Trucking (Rodriguez, Rizal)
  • JB Metal Supply (Rodriguez, Rizal)
  • Bgy. Capt. Emy Manuel (Rosario, Rodriguez, Rizal)
  • Rhodora "Dona" Cruz
  • Eric Almienda
We also extend our special thanks to the following for their support: Celing Cayetano, Ben Zuniga, Volume Salon, Lorie Orogo, Kagawad Dagul, Epi Santos, Gail Pet Shop, Jeff Talosis, Mrs. Bareng, Burgos Tires & Carwash, Stronglite Enterprises, Cognac, Zaldy San Jose, Cager Construction, Atong Manlubatan, at JCR.

And last but not the least, we thank the Burgos Barangay Council for your support.

Photos of the event can be viewed here: https://goo.gl/photos/11GPYzT1GGBZr2gq5

Monday, January 11, 2016

2016 MTB XC Race to be held on January 31

Mark your race calendars!

The yearly mountain bike cross-country race in Bgy. Burgos will be held on January 31. It will be held on the vacant lot in front of Burgos Elementary School, the same location as last year. 

This year, this race being organized jointly by the Montalban Cycling Club and the newly-established Burgos Bikers' Club. 

We are also dedicating this year's race to our President Peping Dalida who passed away January 5 due to cardiac arrest.  

Burgos Fiesta 2016 MTB XC Race
(Tribute to MCC Pres. Narciso "Peping" Dalida)

January 31, 2016

In front of Burgos Elementary School
Gen. Luna Ave., Burgos, Rodriguez (Montalban), Rizal

Juniors (19 years old and under)
Seniors (20-29 years old)
Masters (30-39 years old)
Grandmasters (40 years old and over)

Register onsite; starts at 6:30 AM
Registration fee: P200 (with food)

Trophies, medals, and cash wait top 10 winners.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Tour de Burgos 2015 on February 1

This year's Tour de Burgos MTB XC Race will be held on February 1. 

We have created an exciting new race course in a new location - in front of the Burgos Elementary School. This is a 1.5 kilometer race track, with the usual climbs and drops. 

Race categories and prizes are the same as last year. 

Come and join this year's race! 

This yearly race is part of the fiesta celebration of Bgy. Burgos.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Winners: Bakbakan sa Montalban

(Late post.)

Congratulations to the winners of the Bakbakan sa Montalban Cycling Challenges held at the San Jose Oval last July 20, 2014.

Also thanks to Bos Ely of Sunday Holiday Riders and Bos Alex Bilan of Excellent Cycling Team who sponsored this event.

Road Bike Class A (Open Youth Amateur)

  1. Mapa, Archie
  2. Bucay, Artus
  3. Ulanday, Vladimir
  4. Valenzuela, Irish
  5. Mendoza, Gerald 

Road Bike Class B (Open Mid Executive)

  1. Rivera, Alfredo 
  2. Guevarra, Reynaldo
  3. Abayon, Benito
  4. Llamas, Boboy
  5. Barrios, JC

Road Bike Class C (Open Sport 50 Years and Above)

  1. Medina, Arnel
  2. Lopez, Ace
  3. Valenzuela, Kiko
  4. Llamas, Buboy
  5. Dacuno, Junibeth 

Road Bike Class D (Oldies Goodies)

  1. De Guzman, Vergel
  2. Comendador, Rene
  3. Wilky, John
  4. Dela Paz, Erming
  5. Cabing, Felix

Road Fun Riders (Beginners and Weekenders)

Mountain Bike Class A (Open Youth)

  1. Benosa, Alvin
  2. Flores, EJ
  3. Tapis, Marvin
  4. Alconer, Marvin
  5. Ulanday, Vladimir

Mountain Bike Class B (Open Mid)

  1. Rivera, Alfredo
  2. San Jose, Gene Edward
  3. Alomar, Marven
  4. Pedrina, Ricky
  5. Santos, Lloyd

Mountain Bike - 15 Years Old and Below

  1. Angelez, Renz
  2. Hella, Zoren
  3. Rivera, Jericho
  4. De Asis, Jacob
  5. Patawaran, Kim

Open Women (All Ages)

  1. Mondragon, Brenda
  2. Flores, Jamica
  3. Belisario, Grace
  4. Limjoco, Gica
  5. Denson, Arielle Arlene

Friday, August 22, 2014

Winners: San Isidro Fiesta MTB XC Race

(Late post.)

Congratulations to the winners of the San Isidro Fiesta MTB XC Race held in Bgy. San Isidro, Rodriguez (Montalban), Rizal last 11 May 2014.

Beginners Category

  1. Jericho L. Rivera
  2. Jhonny Moreno
  3. Edward Hernandez
  4. Mark Brian Manalo
  5. Joseph Pagkatipunan
  6. Ron Zonio
  7. Roland Sequijor
  8. Eduardo Jocson
  9. Zoren Hella
  10. Antonio Elorde
Category 29 Years Old and Under 
  1. Gino Bumalay
  2. Jigo Mendoza
  3. Nicho Lumay
  4. EJ Flores
  5. Jeffrey Pancipane
  6. Kim Panton
  7. Edison Nunez
  8. Noel Panton
  9. Jake Aldrin Rivera
  10. Cris Omolon
Category 30-39 Years Old
  1. Roldan Antonio
  2. Jonathan Climaco
  3. Zeus Alfaro
  4. Timmy Santos
  5. Reynaldo Flores
  6. Michael delos Reyes
  7. Alfredo Rivera
  8. (none)
  9. (none)
  10. (none)
Category 40 Years Old and Over
  1. Arnold Pinano
  2. Isidro Ayubo
  3. Antonio Domingo
  4. Joy Iballa
  5. Joselito Sison
  6. Rene Hella
  7. Alvin de Luna
  8. Bon Cecilio
  9. Servano Ramos Jr.
  10. (none) 
MCC thanks San Isidro Bgy. Capt. Tom Hernandez and the barangay council for sponsoring this event.